Brain Games | Summer Promo


Simian Design Group was recently hired on as one of the visual effects teams by the great people at Evolve IMG.  We are truly honored to have worked with them on such a cool spot for Brain Games and the National Geographic Channel.


National Geographic Channel
SVP / Group Creative Director / Writer Andy Baker
Creative Director, Design Brian Everett
Production Manager Kevin Lahr

Co-Produced, Filmed & Post Production by Evolve
VFX / Design by Evolve
Sound Design / Mix: Radium Audio Ltd
Music Score: Dexter

Production Team:
Director / DP Team: Joel & Jesse Edwards
Produced by Michelle Abnet
Production Coordinator: Jen Bates
Production Manager: Peter Hart
Camera / Lighting Dept: Mike Bove, Kevin Van Egeren, Drew Cerria, Wayne McElroy, Matt Williams, Drew Droege, Brian Sachson, Alan Hostetter, Sound: Corey Poindexter, Prompter: Evan Torrens
DIT: Lauren Pecson
Art Director: Lee Clayton, Art Dept: Richard Walker, Spencer Kennedy
Hair & Makeup: Brandy McDonald, Wardrobe Stylist: Karina Velez, Assistant: Cortney Hillman
PAs: Alberto Torres, Ryan Masdiaz, Z Johnson, Charles Carter, Alexandra Vaughan, Earl Hutchinson
BTS: Jano Mejia

Post Production Team:
Editorial / Colorists / VFX Creative: Joel & Jesse Edwards
Visual Effects Team & Artists: Lead VFX & Supervisor Ryan Trommer, Ninos Houma, CauseFX: Paul Dickson & Flannagan, Simian Design: Kyle Cogan, Marty Kane, Michael Rinnan, Justin Younger
Assistant Editor: Lauren Pecson
Music Score: Dexter
Sound Design & Mix: Radium Audio Ltd.
5.1 Sound Mixer: Ryan Pribyl